Who is kathryn hahn dating

To adapt the book for TV, co-creators Jill Soloway and Sarah Gubbins assembled an entirely female and gender-nonconforming writers room, which inspired the production’s department heads to do the same.

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When Peirce read the script, the couple’s latent desire was evident on the page and demanded, in her view, that they be fully nude and open to anything. “That scene in particular really did feel joyful,” Hahn recalls.

“I can’t help but attribute that to the fact that there were so many women on set,” she explains.

“Seriously, I’ve been on a network show where I’ve had to just smooch somebody and it’s been more uncomfortable for me.

It’s the most honest cinema I think I’ve ever been in.” a 2011 comedy she starred in opposite Hank Azaria, in which their characters were colleagues who slept together.

“I loved Hank and I loved all the people involved, but I remember there was a certain set of expectations on me as the lead,” she says. Chicken cutlets for boobs, spray tans, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, contoured makeup. I didn’t feel like myself in any way, and then to try to feel honestly sexy under those circumstances was real sweaty for me.

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