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There was also some one hundred and forty year old, transparent, dragon riding king named Shennong; who collected all the plants, kinda like Noah.

Invented around 3000 BC, all the archaeologists were too lazy to research this dynasty, plus nobody really cares anyways.

The book was awarded in China in 1999 with the "Funnier-Than-Bill-Clinton-On-Viagra-While-Guest-Appearing-On-Temptation-Island" award, but this has recently been usurped by Bobcat Goldthwait's face.

He forced the Duke of Zhou to pay annual tribute of 10,000 coupons to the Shang court.

He also forced the Duke to give his royal ball sack an annual sniffing at court in order to humiliate him like the other vassals.

The Duke of Zhou was a star-studded cowboy in the wild western frontier of China, a Tom Jones impressionist who had a fief based on the peripheral edges of the burgeoning Han Chinese civilization.

It was a groovy time back then, full of psychedelic drugs and sexual experimentation at band camp; but hard times were up ahead.

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