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Students can expect to receive a strong grounding in the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of computing, as well as be introduced to cutting-edge research in a variety of subfields of computers.Upon graduating, students will be prepared to utilize their skills and learning to tackle difficult problems in the computer science industry and beyond.Because of both the present and future manifestations of computers technology, graduate degrees in computer science are highly competitive and desirable degrees.And this is true for both residential and online master’s in computer science degrees.

Sometimes the master’s degree in computer science is meant only if one plans on pursuing a Ph D, but most of them are stand-alone (terminal) degrees.

A computer science degree has been offered at Yale since the department’s founding in 1969 by Alan Perlis.

He then served as a professor until his death in 1990.

Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science offers a Master of Science in Computer Engineering program delivered online.

The program teaches students to create groundbreaking hardware and software solutions for new and emerging systems, while developing the expertise to solve challenging technical problems in this ever-changing industry.

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