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Puritans who had been given an asylum in Maryland rebelled and seised the government (165868) and Catholics were excluded from the administration of the province and restrained in the exercise of their faith. Wheeler, Charles Tiernan, Judge Charles Heuisler, Drs. In his diocese, which comprised Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, and the territory west of Georgia to the Mississippi, there were then, according to his estimate, 100,000 Catholics.

When Lord Baltimore again obtained control (1658), religious liberty was restored until 1692. Milholland, Robert Rennert, Robert Jenkins, Henry Rogue, the Messrs. About 10,000 were in Baltimore, having increased to that figure from 800 in 1792.

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The entire population of this area is about 1,273,000. Concannen, consecrated in Rome (1808), died at Naples (1810) when about to sail. At this period occurred the interference of Archbishop Troy and other Irish bishops in American affairs (Shea, Life and Times of Abp. (a) Leonard Neale Archbishop Carroll was succeeded by Leonard Neale, a native of Maryland.

A meeting was called at Whitemarsh (27 June, 1783) by the Rev. Charles College, petit seminaire , was begun and built on land donated by Charles Carroll of Carrollton . The memories of the devoted priests who during more than a century have composed its faculties, men of great learning and deep piety, are cherished with loving reverence by the numerous clergy they have taught. Mary's contains the names of one cardinal, 30 bishops, 1.400 priests (Centennial History of St. The Society of Jesus was re-established in Maryland (1805) with the Rev. During the Civil War (1862-63), 140 Sisters of Charity gave their services on the field and in the hospitals. The cathedral was consecrated 5 May, 1876, by Archbishop Bayley. Since 1869, the secular clergy have been in charge. Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.

John Lewis, Vicar-General of the Vicar Apostolic of London. John Carroll, John Ashton, Charles Sewell, Bernard Diderick, Sylvester Boarman, and Leonard Neale. Biddle, Reverdy Johnson, Oden Bowie, Leo Knott, Christopher Johnson. In the meantime an attempt was made to separate the college from the seminary, and in 1807 Father Nagot established a, college at Pigeon Hills, Pennsylvania, but in 1808, the sixteen students were transferred to a new institution begun at Emmitsburg by the Rev. The cornerstone was laid in 1831, but owing to the lack of funds the college was not opened until 1848. The following notable institutions have been founded in the diocese from the mother house at Emmitsburg: St. During Cardinal Gibbons's administration a commodious sacristy was erected (1879); the sanctuary was extended (1888); two altars, gifts of Mrs. The church of the Fourteen Holy Martyrs was begun (1870) by the Redemptorists ; in 1874, they transferred it to the Benedictines.

A chapel farther down the stream replaced the wigwam which was in turn succeeded by St. In fact the Church began to recover from this scandal only forty years after. Seton and her nine companions a lot at Emmitsburg, they founded there (1810) the Academy of St. In 1812, the community was established under the rules of the Sisters of Charity and Mrs. She died in 1821, leaving a flourishing community of fifty sisters (White, "Life of Eliza A. The cornerstone was laid 7 July, 1806, by Bishop Carroll . Latrobe, a Protestant gentleman, and a devoted friend of Archbishop Carroll. Among its pewholders have been Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Chief-Justice Taney, David Williamson, Luke Tiernan, Thomas Sim Lee, Thomas C. Austin Jenkins, Alfred Jenkins, William George Read, John Hillen, Patrick Bennett, Basil Elder, John Walsh, Solomon Hillen, John and Richard Caton, Dr. There were at this time in Maryland about 80,000 Catholics in a population of 407,000; in the District of Columbia about 7,000 in a population of 33,000. Out of his private fortune, Archbishop Whitfield built St. John's (Saratoga Street) began the building of their new church, St. James's and built there the first convent of their order in the United States. Wenceslaus's , dedicated in 1872, formed the nucleus of the Slav congregations in Baltimore. The Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus was formally established in 1833, with Father William Mc Sherry, a Virginian, as first provincial.

Catholic Americans were subject spiritually to English Catholic superiors (the archpriests ), until 6 September, 1665, when Innocent XI appointed Dr. Seton", New York, 1853; Seton, "Memoir Letters and Journal of Elizabeth Seton", New York 1869; De Barbarry, "Elisabeth Seton", 2 vols., Paris, 1881; Sadlier, New York, s.d.). (c) The Baltimore Cathedral The acquisition of Louisiana by the United States increased the labours of Bishop Carroll. He was engaged at the same time in building the National Capitol. Peter Chatard, Abraham White, Jerome Bonaparte, Courtney Jenkins, Mark Jenkins, Basil Spalding, Judge Parkin Scott, Philip Laurenson, M. James's Church, Baltimore (1833) It was first used by English-speaking Catholics, who, finding it too small for their increasing numbers, commenced the erection of St. Alphonsus; needing in the meantime a place for worship, they were granted the use of St. Vincent's (of which Father Gildea was the first pastor ). Several other churches were established by the Redemptorists. Michael's , a small church on the corner of Pratt and Regester Streets; the present church on the corner of Lombard and Wolfe Streets was commenced in 1857. The Second Provincial Council met at the cathedral, Baltimore, 20 October, 1833.

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