Diddy dating nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj has claimed that the idea of dating P Diddy is “disgusting”.

Rumours kicked off on the internet surrounding her relationship with the Diddy Dirty Money star and people claimed that she was dating her former manager.

But Nicki Minaj denies allegations of dating the hip hop mogul, who by the way is not her manager. That’s how I look at Diddy…When people say that, it makes me gag.

He’s my friend, and he’s sweet and he’s a great guy, but I could never see him that way,” she said.

Alex Rodriguez allegedly sexted with another woman during his romance with Jennifer Lopez — and tried to arrange a date with his secret paramour, the National Enquirer reports.

The weekly quotes extensively from what they say are racy text messages between the former slugger and buff fitness model Lauren Hunter, which included naked pictures of her.

That's him sitting next to her, but he moved because he didn't want to be on camera 💁🏽 I told you guys they have been secretly dating for a few months now…bought her a very nice Rolex watch 😆💕👌🏾 That's him in the yellow hat, and green shirt with the lettering down his sleeve.got up to kiss him for getting her that Rolex, they cut that part off tho😂 Future 2/Bow Wow 0🤷🏽‍♀️#Tea TENDERS A post shared by Tea Tenders_LIV (@teatenders_liv) on In an Instagram post uploaded by Tea Tenders_Liv on September 27, it’s alleged that Hendrix was in attendance for Chavis’ birthday celebration, even gifting her a Rolex.In mid-March, the new couple went on a romantic trip together to the Bahamas. But the magazine alleges that on May 13, A-Rod — who ended his playing career in 2016 — asked Hunter to fly to Kansas City on May 17, where he was providing on-air commentary for Fox, while his former team faced the Royals and J. But Hunter — who has three children, including one with NFL Hall of Famer Marcus Allen — didn’t make the trip because she couldn’t arrange child care.Hunter also alleges that, in 2011, the third baseman offered her a ,000 allowance in return for a threesome with another woman he was with.Rumor has been mounting that Caribbean-American rapper Nicki Minaj and P Diddy is dating.A recent picture of the two holding hands hit the net and further fuel these rumors.

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