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There are fashion victims in the forces just like the real world.We dont all go ashore wearing the same clothes in our spare time!!Lets not forget that these Islamic extremists direct their hate at 'THE WEST' .........includes Me, you, your mum and your children etc and not just our soldiers or our government!!(Their bombings so far have proved this fact) I would rather have our British troops marching through our streets than German soldiers marching through our streets.Granted, not everyone agrees with the reasons our government decided to go into Afghanistan and Iraq, but at the end of the day, if they pulled out now, both countries would be overun with fundamentalists.There would be mass killings, anarchy and the creation of two countries full of people bent on our destruction in any way possible.Front page went to an editorial about one of the muslim protesters home being vandalised.... On a more positive note, a local lad arrested by the police and charged with aggravated racial harassment for voicing opposition to the muslim protesters had his case dropped by the CPS, and quite rightly so.(Their bombings so far have proved this fact)Erm who can blame them???

Why is Britain even thinking of sending its troops into Iran??? Which countries already have Nuclear power large armys nuclear weapons and have recently sent its troops abroad and attacked other countries illegally??? This is why it is wrong to ban protesting against soldiers marching down the street.

As for being a troll, I think there are many people on this forum who fall into the attention seeking troll category, if I really wanted attention so badly, I'd try and get it offline, not on some internet forum with people who don't know me.

You seem to have an opinion about the posts I make, that's entirely up to you, I'm not going to waste valuable seconds of my life debating about whether or not I'm trolling/attention seeking.

People are talking about soldiers as if they are peacefull people that can do no wrong.

When I go out on as Friday night its not my Muslim brothers I hope I dont bump into ,its soldiers.shame really, yet another post that has sod all to do with the topic posted. duh if you would stick to the topic maybe you would get respect instead of being seen to attention seek or troll Well badge, as I said above, I was actually making a point someone elses post, whether you care to read that is up to you.

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