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Twitter users and the people of Manchester Gorton will hear incessantly in the foreseeable future that George Galloway is the “real Labour” candidate for the upcoming by-election to replace the late Sir Gerald Kaufman.It’s a tried and tested line, and one that has brought mixed results for Galloway over the years.

He has tweeted pleasantries about the Curry Mile and Manchester United and, finally, on Tuesday, announced his candidacy for Gorton, peculiarly comparing himself to Sir Matt Busby, Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola, with the promise of putting Tony Blair on trial for war crimes.

That Corbyn was publicly critical of Galloway’s tactics in Bradford West in 2015, when he called Naz Shah’s teenage forced marriage into question, is telling.

Even among the desperately unpopular far-left Labour leadership, Galloway is persona non grata, despite his wealth of experience, charisma and public profile.

This is simply because Galloway has drifted further and further away from a dependable political position.

After a long career of shouting down Eurosceptics on the airwaves, he advocated a Leave vote last year, happily campaigning alongside Nigel Farage.

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