Autocad xref layer color not updating

In order to circumvent this annoying behaviour layer states export and load should be used.

Wireframe Shaded Rendered Top Bottom Left Right Back Perspective Insertion point Prompt Prompts to pick an insertion point. Each time a model containing a linked block definition is loaded, Rhino reads the referenced file to create the contents of the linked block definition.When you create a linked block definition, specify one of two linked block definition layer styles.Active All layers for the linked block definition are saved in the active model.However occaisonally you will set up a drawing with an XREF, usually an overlay type of drawing (not to be confused with overlay type of XREF) where you have a base drawing and the layers are adjusted to be simplistic and then further information is drawn over the top, e.g. So any information for drawing A setup in drawing B will not be imported into C as drawing C as the information is directly pulled from drawing A. The problem comes when you want Drawing C to look the same as drawing B does.

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