Autistic gay dating

Sister Vassa recently posted an advice piece to her Facebook page (the letter itself has been removed from Facebook and she is actively blocking people who comment on it).

Recently, my 14-year-old son came out to my husband and I.In most cases, homosexuality is not one’s own choice.So, “crossing the line” in this area, and not committing to total celibacy, as one “must” do according to traditional, scriptural law, is “more tolerable” in God’s eyes (as Christ says in the above-quoted passage), than our other kinds of trespasses.But there are things that we cannot change in our children, like the God-given gift, and cross, of sexuality.It is always both a gift and a cross, because it forms a part of our “vocation” or calling, that is to say, the specific way in which each of us is called to serve and connect with others and ourselves, on the cross-carrying journey.

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